Tri-County Cellular LLC warranties all devices sold for 1 year unless specified otherwise at the time of the sale.  The warranty does not cover user damage such as screen breakage, water damage, or other user caused damage as determined by Tri-County Cellular LLC techs.  If your device is found to be irreparable as a result of a covered defect, as determined by Tri-County Cellular LLC, then a similar device will be exchanged for the irreparable one as soon as one becomes available.  However, the buyer must agree to provide the credentials to factory reset the defective device should Tri-County Cellular LLC request such.  Device repairs are  warrantied for as long as the customer owns the device.  This lifetime warranty covers manufacturers defects in the part replaced with the exception of charger ports and the charging system.  In such cases where said repair parts are defective, Tri-County Cellular LLC will replace the defective part at no cost to the customer.  Tri-County Cellular LLC is not responsible for software issues or defects in any of the devices sold or repaired, including fatal software corruption.  Each device sold by Tri-County Cellular LLC is warrantied for Touch IC (aka Touch Disease) and Charger IC for a period of no more than 14 days from the sale.  Charger ports and the entire charging system are also warrantied for no more than 14 days.  The warranty for devices is structured as follows:  From day 1 to day 365 (beginning 01/01/2021), Tri-County Cellular LLC will cover the full cost of the warrantied repair unless exempted by the listed conditions of this warranty.  From days 91to 365 (for devices sold prior to 01/01/2021), Tri-County Cellular LLC agrees to cover 50 percent of the cost of the repair or replacement.  The decision to replace or repair the device is at the sole discretion of Tri-County Cellular LLC.

This warranty in no way should be confused with any type of insurance plan or protection plan.

Some older devices will carry our hassle free 90 day warranty without the additional half price repair rider.  At the time of purchase, customers are provided the details under which warranty their device is covered.  The 90 day warranty exclusions are the same as those with the limited one year warranty described above.  

We also offer an extended 2 year warranty at the 50 percent repair rate for an additional $29.99.  

Under rare circumstances, some devices may be sold without a warranty and the customer will be informed in such cases before the sale.