* Scooters are incapable of traveling over 20 mph as sold in order to comply with Florida law allowing them to be driven on the roadway without a license.  There are modifications that alow the scooter to travel 37mph, however at that point Florida law considers the E scooter to be a motorcycle with such applicable laws.  Modification requests can be made after sale is final and customer is responsible for obeying applicable laws.

iPhone Screen Repairs/Other Repairs

Device Sales, Repair, and Accessories

828-B South Jefferson Street, Perry, Florida



iPad Mini 4 $329

iPad Mini 5 $399

iPad 7th Gen $279

iPad Pro 10.5 OOS

iPad 6th Gen $229

​​​​​Galaxy A21S $189​​​ GSM*

​Galaxy A10e $119

Galaxy S8 $269

Galaxy S8+ $299

Galaxy S9  $349

Galaxy S9 Plus $399

Galaxy S10 $399

Galaxy S10e OOS

Galaxy S10 Plus $499

Galaxy Note 8 OOS

Galaxy Note 9 $399

Galaxy Note 10 $499

Galaxy Note 10 Plus $599

​Galaxy S20 $649

​Galaxy S20 Plus $649

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra OOS

*If your replacement part fails for any reason due to a manufacturer's defect, we will replace it for free.  Battery replacements are warrantied for one year.  Repair prices subject to change as costs fluctuate.

Click Here for our Computer  inventory and repair costs


iPad Screen Repairs

We carry a wide range of wired and wireless home security and smart home products


Click Here for our Game Console inventory and repair costs

Xbox One S 1TB OOS

Xbox One  X OOS

​Xbox 360  OOS

Playstation 4   OOS

Playstation 4 Slim 1TB OOS

Playstation 4 Pro OOS

Playstation 3 Slim OOS

Playstation 3 Super Slim OOS

Xbox One 500GB OOS

​Nintendo Switch OOS

Nintendo Switch Lite $199

Nintendo Wii complete $99

Nintendo GameCube $99

Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing bundle $149

Current Cell Phone and Computer inventory

All Devices in Yellow are Unlocked

​Devices in Blue are Tracfone only

Samsung Screen Repairs/Other Repairs

Cell Phone, Computer, and Game Console Sales and Repair

Most Devices come with a 90 day hassle free warranty or a One Year Warranty 

Advertised prices represent least expensive device available and are subject to change


All of our replacement parts come with a lifetime warranty*  

Hoverboards with 400lb maximum capacity. Max Speed 7mph $149

*** iPhone 8-XS Max Back Glass Repair only $109***

*** iPhone 11 series Back Glass Repair only $149***

Compare to Apple costs: $349-$599

Other Devices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​iPhone SE $99

​iPhone SE 2 $349

iPhone 6S  $169

iPhone 7 Plus OOS

iPhone 8 $299

iPhone 8 Plus $399

iPhone X $449

​​​iPhone XS  $499

iPhone XS Max $599

​​​iPhone XR 64GB $449

​iPhone 11 64GB $799

iPhone 11 Pro $849

​iPhone 11 Pro Max $949

Apple Watch Series 3 OOS

Apple Watch Series 4 OOS

Apple Watch Series 5 OOS

​Apple Watch Series 6 $499


Computer Monitors 19"/21" $39

Acer 27" monitor *new* $189

​HP EliteDesk Desktop 8GB, AMD, 1TB HHD $299

Dell Desktops 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD, i5 DVD-RW $199
Dell Latitude 3150 $179 *Perfect for School

HP EliteBook 8GB, 500GB/256GB i5 $349

HP ProBook 8GB, 500GB $279

Dell Desktops with monitor, keyboard, mouse $249

​Samsung Chromebook $99

HP X360 Touchscreen 4GB, 500GB SSD $199

We carry a wide range of computer accessories such as hard drives, computer cords, RAM sticks, web cams, USB sticks, and much more.

Alcatel Go Flip V $99

​Moto E5 Go $99

​Toshiba 43" Smart TV *new* $199

Hoverboards $149 400lb max